Wednesday, November 19, 2008

guess u all mz b bored dis holls..
i jz found out sumthing cool dat u all can spare ur tim wit..

  • Title: 球爱大战 / Qiu Ai Da Zhan
  • English title: Beach. Ball. Babes
  • Genre: Sports, romance
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast period: 2008
  • Broadcast network: Mediacorp TV Channel 8
  • :
  • :
  • : astro shuang xin

    starring: Jesseca Liu, Joanne Peh, Dawn Yeoh, Christopher Lee, Cui Peng, Jerry Yeo, Jade Seah

is a fuking nice drama.. wit cute.. hot.. sexy.. n hot gals!!!!!!
its hard to describe wit words.. jz watch den u will noe..
enjoy urself ya=)

---- btw.. MEDIACORP shoud thank me(bboysk) for promoting ur drama..
send ur regards to my blog la..

--- jz a suggestion....
if ur drama need any BBOY..
cal me=) u can hire me also.. BBOYSK!!

let me b the MAIN CHARACTER in I NOT STUPID 3 !!!!! !


Wooooooooo... hot gals!!! look at their body..=)

so soon wad?? Omg i cant wait to c dis episod!!!!!!

1st episod...

they force to strip after losing a the match...=)
my favourite part=p

It's the Tiong Bahru market, but instead of the usual aunties, uncles and assortment of neighbourhood folk you would expect to find at a wet market on a typical weekday morning, a bevy of Mediacorp actresses were parading around in their BIKINIs instead.

short character preview of the drama..


the hot gals in this drama!!!!


Dawb yeoh..

Chris lee(main character)

too bad its censored=)

- How to wear bikini by joanne peh..

mz shave!!!!!!!
dis is a vr good reminder to all THE 'BULU' gals out there!!!!!!!


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^.^ said... show..nice ah..xD